artistic roots

Koppenbrink is not interested in art in a normal sense. She always wants to free herself from established positions. She is not bothered about other artists, who do not accept her existence on the road. So she lives her freedom, even the freedom from art.

The system of series, which pushes to leaps , the ways between and the knots of connections are interesting for Koppenbrink, the contradictions as well.

"In a static situation the impulse leading to a great movement gets louder and louder. At the utmost border of a gigantic increased turbulence exists nothing but the peace of death."

Ropes, hoses and stockings are constructive elements; doors baths, clothes, partitions of different materials. Words, sounds, whole sentences give up their sovereignty. All together form questions in the inside and to the outside of the soul. Nothing can be sure of being caught or knocked out of itself.

Again and again Koppenbrink puts her questions to the slowness as the contrary of her time. She listens to the autonomy of solemn actions, which cannot be influenced by scepticism or by requirements.

With the COOP.WALK and its unpreviewabel contacts Koppenbrink risks theory and reality and a continuity of a quiet bourgeois life.

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