COOP.WALK art pixels

In the original sense, to connect multi talented beings and interests, the COOP.WALK offers itself as an internet platform. In one place links to homepages and other information come together. There are multi talented musicians, actors, artists of all kinds, museums, theatres, museums and organizers. On the other hand societies, merchants, employers, concerns and all kinds of business.

Together they form an urban picture of patchwork-looking magazines, which represent neighboured offers. In the middle the Walk of Fame, showing the most fabulous stars of the art and music scene. In the landscape of offers outside the Walk of Fame the stars are reserved for artist's logos or information-.

Here is "search and find" an exciting excursion, a mouseclick-adventure.

This meeting place" is interesting for buyers and sellers as well as for internet walkers. While shopping, you can discover new offers and new wishes. Additive to that, the virtual COOP. WALK is more than a cheap advertising thrill.

It remains in connection to its basic ideal: The platform should create good profits to all participants and at the same time serve a beneficial cause. In contact to the COOP.WALK this cause brings people an opening to reality and to the world.