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Talk to me on facebook.

It was a tip from her daughter to make herself known on facebook, years ago. In 2005 she tested, hesitated and tried again. She had experienced already on MY SPACE and BLOG.de, which was more or less anonymous and dull. So it seemed to be on facebook. Too much work to expose herself for nothing and show her best sides to people with same intentions. She collected „friends“as they did, more or less ambitiously, more or less not taking notice of each other. She found herself being bored as before and, at the same time, coming into a strange sort of tention, she was excited to explore:

On one hand, she saw a lot of people, swimming in a non communicating word melange of nothing to say ,- on the other hand she noticed facebooks more and more tough restricting handling rules. Facebook did not support too quickly collecting behaviours. The „great friends store“ itself began to behave in a way, she had experienced the attitude of the church in her younger years. To confront people with methods , tasks and orders, as facebook did more and more, means to create yourself as a God, -or at least a dictator. She imagined a development as to be seen in the great illegal- legal making- money-human- being- machines-container: Scientology. Nevertheless facebook stayed somehow different. - What was remarkable: Facebook did not settle down in its own success. It stayed developping new attention demanding changements and so consumed peoples precious time. Investing time continuously in facebook meant to be attached to the great dealer. For competitor GOOGLE Plus a hard task to start an own career against. -

Another flourishing development not to forget:

Artists and other producers used the facebook forum to show their new appearing qualities.„ Invent yourself „ was the two faces sentence number one.

Everyone got his stage and Koppenbrink got hers and within a lot of inspirations from the positive and from the negative sides.

Facing those expanding methods and the mainly submitting behaviour of most „friends „, Koppenbrink started her personal revolution.

She confessed her own colour.

And cautiously but in the same time definately she confronts people with the way of „nothing talking illness.“- For instance too bad or sentimental lyric writers with their not knowing and non self educated superficial efforts. She paraphrases high sighing comments with ironic higher sighing words. The answers: somtimes aggressive, sometimes amazed, but mostly regarded as efforts to pay attention to, or to immitate as well. The same thing with political engagement and confession. Official meaning and order till than was, not to publish your political or personal opinion and identity. A good citizen anxiously had to hide away himself ( following DDR s patterns or George Orwells lines ) and stay bravely content, looking for new products in consumers paradise.- With Stuttgart 21, ( in between facebooks „ causes,„ purposed to come to new consumer adresses ) and waves as „flash mob, „ democracy now“ and so on accompanied by the new video technology for everyone, the political clima began to change about 2009, 2010. A radical changing atmosphere between people round the globe spread around in a hurry. An exciting new period began in 2011 with the „arabian revolution“, giving it´s signs and exclamations to facebooks dialogues. Between all that, Koppenbrink now conciously invents new examples of creativity setting traces.

This year she calls herself „ Zeitgeist architect. „

She now comes to open her eyes to what she has developped with her

facebook productivity:

A special and personal „facebook street art.“

By describing her phantasy, what J. Beyes would have done, if he lived still now, she discovers her doing on facebook as a non promoting, but a separate art movement. A so to call „street art movement“ without a really acclaiming follower crowd, but within her real identity as a changing human being. Just now melting her mostly crying and criticizing spirit with a more and more humorous and ( self )and others comforting attitude. With a presence of hope and fidelity which is the essence of her COOP.WALK as well as herself, growing older. She hopes to continue just for a while....

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