elementary particles

Simply eating paper plates, nothing, but various , mostly small dishes of cartons to eat from.

Since 2004 Koppenbrink designs those special pieces ,- in different ways, - each day one. An everydays after dinner diary, which started in Münster, while performing the first out of neighbourhood COOP.WALK.

She remembers. While having a rest with a snack, a hotel manager, who had seen and followed the COOP.WALK asked her for an autogramm. She had no paper and took, what she saw near to her: A small sausage card, on which she designed the three objects, with her on tour: Her garbage container “ everybodys darling,“ the world symbol“ Blue „ produced by the artist Christa Niestrath, and Philipp Goebels

„ baggage head „ The hotelier took it enthusiastically and asked her to watch his collection in his hotel where she saw a really splendid organized, great assembling of up to date artists works. He announced her place, which was between a by the way design of Andy Warhol and some notices on a beermat, produced by J Beuys, each in a glas cabinet.

What a start of her second life !

Like a falling star this happening accompanied her going on mentally.

Meanwhile, by more and more COOP. WALKING and seeing more and more poor people ,- and on the other hand more and more radical hide away attempts of police and „clean city organizers“ to come to happy tourists city images,- and watching more and more restrictive organisation methods by tricks or by force or even violence, she came to a not escapabe insight.

Art, as a godlike overact is far ago. New art will be, to feed all people.

This conviction,- mantra as well as real diet, -brings Koppenbrink on tour.

On tour in facebook as a road in transfer and on real roads in the world

Her small Elementary Particles messages talk for themseves.

Another origin for their transport to a longer and longer time project was a bet

First a bet of Koppenbrink with herself. She thought to be great in the disciplin, for it is a disciplin as well,- of one year everyday a paper plate, and lateron a bet with a friend, of ten years, which is nearly all done.-

Not necessary to describe the development of getting more and more and strange and stranger technics and stick together Elementary Particles.

Koppenbrink allows herself all jump over technics, non technics and not to be recognized as a typical Koppenbrink. Koppenbrink is an Elementary Particle as well as the COOP.WALK, non limited, which ends,- for sure, with her end.

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