Koppenbrink - the name

"Koppenbrink", that is the name of her forefathers, most of them farmers or men of the church. Koppenbrink understands her name in a symbolic way. "Koppe", that means the brow of a hill, "brink" is the valley; together they stand for the up and downs of life, which Koppenbrink without a christian name represents: human being, whether man or woman or child or old man. Human being with all imaginable attributes.

Koppenbrink - Biography

Born in Obernkirchen, Germany, third daughter of a protestant man of the church, violinist career as a child, A-level school degree, studies of music in Detmold, violinist in the symphony orchestra Münster, family time, two children, opening management for the "Hoffmanns Stärke" areal in Bad Salzuflen, foundation of a private music school.

Lyrics and art, performances in public places, expositions- of young artists, the own idea of an "all work of art", more art, since 1997 preparatory works to the project of COOP.WALK .

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