Koppenbrink is inspired by coincidences, which move her work. Generally you can say: Koppenbrink's work is non technical.

Whatever she picks up, she puts it into strange, sometimes even weakening contexts. She uses well known samples only as a quotation. Fragments, things of every days use, influenced by her in a very small way, seem to dominante the scene.

There are knots, embroiled, entangled threads. On the other hand Koppenbrink shows links, combinations, nets, all kinds of patterns, reminding of cell systems.

Those are signs of the perfectionism of energetic systems, which don't need any addition.

Koppenbrink brings contradictions to very close contacts and leaves them alone. She wants to put questions, but refuses to answer. Other artists obviously long for a perfect technique, but Koppenbrink uses signs of distraction. The contents of her work show exactly that. Her work discusses human conditions in its contradictions as stories on a silky thread. Threads come out everywhere.. Hanging, growing profusely, tangling threads.

Koppenbrink's works move between life and death, end and beginning. Always talking with herself, Koppenbrink's works stay indifferent towards applaus or critics. Koppenbrinks works offer confrontation, honesty, and the horror of unknown views. Having organized art expositions for a long time, Koppenbrink has decided to withdraw her works from those activities. Consequent in this sense, they are not available. So Koppenbrink stays away from the destructive mechanism of art business or own ambitions and adaptations. Persons, who want to see her work , can come into contact with Koppenbrink. They may visit her house or meet her on one of her journeys.

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