after table diary

The "after table diary" is a project over ten years, consisting of a continuity of paper trays , (They are used for serving sausages.)

Instead of a normal canvas Koppenbrink uses these trays, approximately one per day, each year in a different background colour. Since 2004 Koppenbrink notes days events or bits and pieces, put together.

Once more there are simply uncontrolled passing things, she tries to fix on the paper. This way Koppenbrink struggles with the hours, quickly running away and the pain of being a prisoner of her own objects and creations.

Koppenbrink occasionally declares combined materials to magical signposts, sometimes to useless things, she wastes by using it as art materials.

So expanded into the consequences of her programs, Koppenbrink is forced to get along to the tracks of herself and of her time.