Don Quichote

Koppenbrink starts the "Don Quichote" series in spring 2005. Inspired by the wine farmers culture in Piemont, Koppenbrink visits more and more old cottages and stables , where she finds pieces and fragments of old work- and household equipment . She collects it. She takes away all traces of life, that emerge just like the stories of Don Quichote, putting questions to her. There are connections between the material and objects to her brain, pushing and touching here and there, in the middle the ideas about the adventuring friends. The real puppets of the drawer comics are made of straw. She cannot form the material by force. That is why the puppets look extremely simple and strange. The attitudes of the puppets, or sometimes the dramatic panorama provoke new stories.

The main actors perform their heroic deeds in the manner of puppet theatre.
The subject always concerns with the simple and complicated life and with laughing and crying.