the frame programme

The Frame Programme consists of genuine weaving frames in a disused way.

A family, evicted from Schlesien, settled in Lipperland / Germany and started their own textil -business, using wool, supplied by their own sheep.

Koppenbrink did think so very much about this place and longed to be there again. She knew mother, grandmother and daughter. After mothers death, grandmother also passed away. The spirit of the house was lost forever.

The family-business was never a profitable venture, so the daughter put it up for sale. All neighbours and friends could take away, whatever was of interest to them. The rest-remains was burned. Koppenbrink had the chance, to be completely on her own in these empty rooms. She took some fotos and a bit of old wool which she found on the floor and left. Already she sensed a great feeling of inspiration. A few weaving -frames were waiting in the corner, as if they were ready to move out. Whereby others circled the huge metal and wooden machine like the ghosts of time guarding their heritage and heralding the phantom of the "New Age".

Without really knowing what she was going to do with them, she took the frames with her. At home, they were moved from one corner to another, still showing no practically use. After all they were the remains of around 200 frames. When they finally settled, they searched for old forgotten pieces, to feed their desires. For creating their complition of the Jig-saw-puzzle of time.

Koppenbrink tries to dissolve the social problems by watching the world through pink-glas. She says "no" in her artistic ways to all kind of new trophies.

The "Frame Programme" is more a matter of disturbance than a quite decorative act of proposal.